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    Building safe people and safe places




Safeheart Foundation partner with the corporate sector in helping businesses with their bottom line. High morale equates to high productivity. We help your workplace become a desired place to work and the envy of your competition. When your staff team love to come to work, they perform, staff turnover is drastically reduced and the bottom line is increased. Our staff training is tailor made to your specific requirements and helps your place of employment thrive, it will be a safe place to work. We also provide keynote presentations for conferences, workshops for staff retreats, breakout sessions for seminars, all adding considerable value to your business. reach out to us and we'll be happy to provide what you need.


Safeheart Foundation have been the most effective bullying and DV education and prevention organisation in the world for over a decade. Our CEO Brett Murray alone has personally presented to well over a million students, teachers and parents face to face. You can book in a presentation and have this award winning program delivered in your school.


We have created a world first through our online resources. Now you can train yourself or your staff to do precisely what we do through the training program we've made available to the public. It's like having us on staff without having to pay the salary! It's as simple as paying the one-off fee and diving into our curriculum that empowers you with every resource , tip and trick of the trade to become an anti-bullying advocate yourself. You'll also enjoy direct support from our CEO Brett Murray personally. Any question you ask will be answered by Brett in a weekly Q&A session and you'll have the support of a closed Facebook group community.

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Stronger Communities, Disarming Bullying

Know your worth

What is a healthy relationship?

2nd Half Motivation

We have the solution.




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Stronger Communities, Disarming Bullying

Unpacking what bullying is, what it is not, why people do it, and how to stop it! Primary school and High School presentations available. Unpacking bullying behaviour and identifying bullying behaviour specifically both in the physical sphere and the cyber sphere. The session then explores the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. This leads to issues of […]

Know your worth

this is just another post to populate the landing pageWhat is a healthy relationship? What does a healthy relationship actually looks like? This is a session designed for senior students, years 10-12, as a circuit breaker for domestic family abuse and violence by articulating and helping students initially understand their intrinsic self-worth and value, then […]

2nd Half Motivation

At the half-way point of the year, Schools across the nation find students feeling lethargic and it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate students to remain engaged. We have the solution. Just as in a half time address by a coach to their team, we come into your school and motivate the students to cultivate a […]

I have personally witnessed Brett Murray deliver his Make Bullying History program and I can say without fail he ‘IS’ one of the best anti-bully speakers and authorities on Bullying in the world.

Simon Clegg

Brett- Here's the deal man. I'm not easily impressed. AND I AM IMPRESSED BY YOU Bro, you kick ass! I checked out your DVD...love the phrases... You're bold, young, intriguing, edgy, honest. Dude your style is so honest. Most people on stage or TV are so full of crap, phony. [br] Politically correct. You cut through the crap and capture the heart of a teen. ALRIGHT.”

Josh Shipp

I don’t know where Brett Murray gets all his wisdom. He’s not bloody old enough to be wise. And yet he is wise- in a rich, home-spun kind of way. The School of Hard Knocks can only teach you so much, when you’re from a broken home, without a formal education. Still, Brett’s a natural- born teacher. A fast learner, too. ‘One must have courage to dare’, the great Russian novelist Dostoevsky wrote. ‘The will to do, the soul to dare’ said Sir Walter Scott. ‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatness’ was the gospel according to Senator Robert Kennedy. They might have been reading Brett Murray’s mail.

Ray Martin

The work done by Make Bullying History is indispensable and greatly valued by young people and their schools.

Andrew Fuller