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SCECGS Redlands

“SCECGS Redlands was fortunate enough to have Brett address two groups of our students. Brett spoke with passion and energy, and teachers and students alike were captivated by his message. The veracity and genuineness with which he spoke earned the respect of our young people, who have since been inspired to ensure the culture of our school is positive, inclusive and supportive. Brett went out of his way to see the individuals in the audience and imparted something far deeper than just delivering a talk.
Brett’s presentation was so enthusiastic, energetic and engaging that we have invited him back……….
Brett also addressed our parents at a two-hour seminar. Brett’s versatility is such that he related to them as successfully as he had with our students. He gave valuable tips on relating to their children in his usual lively, captivating style. Many parents have since asked me when Brett will be back to talk to our students, remarking that nothing else has seemed to “get through” to them!…
Brett’s message of hope, life, and passion is infectious and I have no hesitation recommending him as a model of true leadership and motivation personified.”

Date 14 Feb, 2020

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